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By placing an intro video on your homepage, your website instantly becomes more interactive. Although there are certain customers who will choose to read the text you provide, the majority of those who land on your site will prefer to watch a video. Again, keep in mind the diminishing attention span of online users.

Although you may have plenty of text and photos describing what your business does, you might still be missing something. That something would be an introduction or explainer video. Given the constantly changing nature of the Internet, video is quickly becoming the new text as we move toward an assorted, multimedia web. An intro video will quickly grab your audience’s attention and successfully show what to expect from your company within just a few seconds. Here we explain why an intro video is a must have for your business, the benefits that accompany an intro video and how it can effectively turn an audience into your customers.

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New Product or Service Introduction videos are best used in the final stage of your marketing funnel, and will help you delight your customers, turning them into repeat buyers and active promoters of your business.